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Wrenbridge Promotion

Wrenbridge are delighted to announce that Steven Preedy and Ewen McLeod have been promoted to Directors of Wrenbridge.

Steven joined from Cushmans in 2013 and is in the project management team.  Recent projects include delivering a scheme at Reading Bridge which following a comprehensive refurb sold for £35m, Duxford a 70,000 industrial facility and Chingford, a £13m industrial scheme which was sold to Blackrock.

Ewen, having joined from Savills in 2007 has also been instrumental in delivering Colworth Park, a £50m acquisition in Summer 2014 as well as York Community Stadium which is a £50m retail park and football stadia.

We are delighted Ewen and Steven have been promoted to Directors of Wrenbridge.  They both have delivered great results on their respective projects in the past few months and years.

Wrenbridge Promotion
Wrenbridge Promotion