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Bircherley Green plans are given the go-ahead in major Hertford town centre transformation

Transformation of a key town centre site in Hertford has been given the go-ahead by East Herts Council.

The development at Bircherley Green will see a new riverside frontage with places for cafes and restaurants, as well as a new public space.

In addition, there’ll be a hotel, shop units, 70 new flats, a car park with more than 140 pay and display spaces.

The proposals also incorporate modernising the bus station.

The site owner, Wrenbridge, asked people what they wanted to see there and made a number of improvements to the plans back in 2014. A design panel of architects, urban designers and other build environment professionals endorsed the revised application, making some recommendations which the new design now incorporates.

How people get around the town, good design and the vitality of Hertford have been a focus of HUDS – the Hertford Urban Design Strategy – and the new designs will meet these central criteria.

As part of their commitments, Wrenbridge say they’ll allocated ten percent of flats to affordable housing schemes, £44,619 for Simon Balle School, £8,483 for the town-centre library, £16,000 for parks and gardens, £44,000 for outdoor sports on Hartham Common and nearly £58,000 towards GP and mental health care.

Suzanne Rutland-Barsby, executive member for development management at East Herts District Council, said: “We have taken a long time to reach this stage and have taken great care to ensure that this development will be high quality and will enhance the town centre.

All the elements will come together to the benefit of Hertford and its current and future residents and businesses”.

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Bircherley Green plans are given the go-ahead in major Hertford town centre transformation